Thetford Bathroom Cleaning 3-Pack *Most Popular*

Thetford Bathroom Cleaning 3-Pack *Most Popular*

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This 3-pack covers all your bathroom cleaning needs for your vehicle. 

Thetford Toilet Bowl Cleaner 750ml RRP. £9.99

A cleaning agent for the inside of the toilet bowl, for an ultraclean and hygienic toilet bowl. Removes hard water and soil deposits while safe for plastic and toilet seals. With descaling qualities that ensure a smooth surface of the toilet bowl, preventing build up of soil. Provides optimal hygiene and creates shine and brilliance.

Thick concentrated formula coats the bowl for better cleaning and targets hard to reach areas. Thoroughly cleans leaving a lovely fresh scent behind.

Thetford Aquarinse Concentrated Pink 750ml RRP. £15.99

  • Less plastic, less environmental impact
  • Septic Tank Safe (Thetford anaerobic biodegradability test)
  • Safe for both plastic and ceramic toilet bowls
  • Lubrication action makes the blade of the waste-holding tank easier to open and close
  • Prevents limescale build-up in your flush water tank*
  • Keeps your toilet bowl shinier*
  • Ensures a more effective and smoother flush*
  • Fresh lavender smell at each flush*

Thetford Bathroom Cleaner Spray 500ml RRP. £6.99

The Thetford Bathroom Cleaner is a specifically designed spray that will help you keep your plastic surfaces clean and sparkling. The cleaner is a powerful active foam that loosens dirt and deposits and leaves a pleasant smell. It's ideal for daily use and can be used on all plastics surfaces, not just in your bathroom!

  • Powerful active foam that loosens dirt and deposits
  • Ideal for daily use
  • Leave behind a fresh smell
  • Ensures total hygiene and a brilliant shine

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