Thetford Double Pack- Tank Freshener and Aquakem Green (1.5L)

Thetford Double Pack- Tank Freshener and Aquakem Green (1.5L)

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Thetford Tank Freshener 1.5L


  • Eliminates foul smells by keeping the waste-water tank and pipes at their best
  • Cuts down deposits and grease contamination in the tubing
  • Boosts trouble-free tank discharge and improves hygiene
  • No more smelly waste-water tanks, showers, washbasins and sinks

Thetford Aquakem Green 1.5L

10 doses

Thetford Aquakem Green is a biologically powered toilet fluid for daily use. Biologically stimulating the breakdown of toilet waste in the waste-holding tank, it acts for a maximum of three to four days with average use and is particularly suitable when emptying the waste-holding tank into septic tanks on campsites. Harmless to the skin and eyes, with a pleasant citrus smell, it remains fluid at temperatures down to -20°C and is still effective after defrosting

This double pack will ensure your vehicle's wastewater systems are quietly running smoothly and hassle-free.

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