Truma Aquastar 1&2 Water System Cleaner

Truma Aquastar 1&2 Water System Cleaner

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The professional installation cleaning system, specifically designed for recreational vehicles. Available as a set for a perfect cleaning result.

The Truma Aquastar allows you to decalcify and disinfect your water system. To do this simply use Aquastar 1 to get rid of unwanted limescale and use Aquastar 2 to disinfect. We recommend that you treat your water system twice a year.

Bacteria aren’t the companions you want on holiday and can ruin long periods of the camping season. They create the risk of contaminating not only water, but also containers and lines. With the AquaStar method of system maintenance for water and water installations, you can protect your family against any nasty surprises – in a way that’s safe for your health and the environment.

AquaStar 1 – tough on limescale. For maintaining installations and for water that tastes great.
Limescale deposits in water installations not only give water a musty taste, but over time they also clog up valves and tap aerators in hot water generators and provide bacteria with an excellent breeding environment. AquaStar 1 is based on natural citric acid and is effective at eliminating limescale.

AquaStar 2 – shows no mercy to germs.
For a germ-free water installation. Tanks, lines and pumps that are left uncleaned are subject to a build-up of bacteria and algae, particularly over long periods where they are not in use. This biofilm represents the perfect breeding ground for germs. AquaStar 2 unleashes its two-phase action using active oxygen and silver: the oxygen dissolves the biofilm, whilst the silver ions kill any bacteria lurking in it.

Aquastar 1
Product form: Powder
Contents: 1 x 500g
Dosage: 500g / 50L
Aquastar 2
Product form: Powder
Contents 2 packs: 1 x 50g; 1 x 15g
Dosage: 50g / 50L; 15g / 50L