Weekend Bathroom Cleaning Pack

Weekend Bathroom Cleaning Pack

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The bathroom cleaning essentials perfect for somebody planning on going away for a weekend.


Thetford Aqua Rinse Plus Concentrate 100ml RRP. £5.99

The Aqua Rinse Plus (or pink toilet fluid) is a very effective product that will keep you flush water tank smelling wonderful. Rinse plus coats the toilet bowl with a protective layer which helps to enable an effective, smoother flush. It will also help to keep the flush water fresh too and is suitable for daily use. Enjoy a fresh, stress-free holiday with Aqua Kem Rinse.

Thetford Aqua Kem Blue Lavender Concentrate 120ml RRP. £5.99

A powerful, highly effective two and a half times concentrated toilet fluid for waste holding tank of your cassette and portable toilet Key Features Liquefies waste for easier tank emptying Outstanding odour control Reduces gas build up Two concentrated doses Easy to store Convenient small bottle Two doses in a handy sized bottle enough to last you ten days. Improved toilet fluid for the waste holding tank.

Thetford Bathroom Spray 500ml RRP. £5.99

The Thetford Bathroom Cleaner is a specifically designed spray that will help you keep your plastic surfaces clean and sparkling. The cleaner is a powerful active foam that loosens dirt and deposits and leaves a pleasant smell. It's ideal for daily use and can be used on all plastics surfaces, not just in your bathroom!

Worth £18!

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